We can use co-design sensibilities to create policies, new features, and products to then stress test them while engaging your constituencies, communities, stakeholders and end users. For cities, we have used codesign to create equity policies, community safety and well-being strategies as well as international partnerships. For law enforcement, we have facilitated town halls, establish equity strategies and create pathways for the development of a statement of principles on the use of new technologies and AI in policing.

Each client faces unique challenges.

We tailor our community engagement and co-design methodologies for each client’s needs, bringing the right engagement strategies, experts and partners together to help advance their missions. As a result, UpSurgence:

Empowers marginalized communities. We helped to develop pathways for greater inclusion of Deaf communities in city infrastructures as a part of Sidewalk Lab’s Smart Cities Initiatives and through direct community engagement, we produced an equity report for the City of Mississauga.

Navigates the tough discussions. Across the City of Toronto, we have been facilitating Toronto Police Services’ town halls contentious race-based data collection program.

Builds partnerships and communities. We are guiding collaborations between Peel Regional Police and local community leaders to advance community safety and well-being programs to address the Village of Malton’s unique needs. And, internationally, we coordinate trade and innovation partnerships among investors, business communities and local and international governments to open new avenues to prosperity for Canadian cities.

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