What is Co-design?

A collaborative method of creating cohesion and social solutions

The Process


Individual Explorations

This early state of engagement identifies the initial viewpoints of stakeholders.

Group Consultations

We host informative discussions that include subject matter experts, stakeholders, and community leaders to explore and share perspectives, concerns, and solutions. This process allows us to identify gaps and common grounds among stakeholders.

Post-Group Engagements

After the first early rounds of engagement, we return to the key stakeholders and subject matter experts to ask the question:

What do you think now?

Initial Recommendation Development

Our team documents all the key themes of initial discussions to create recommendations that capture the stakeholders’ perceptions, negotiations, and exchanges to close gaps and offer solutions.

Post-Recommendation Stakeholders +
Community Follow-up meetings

We review the initial recommendations with the stakeholders in both group and individual settings to receive feedback on the initial recommendations and answer the key question:

Do these recommendations truly reflect the spirit of the discussions and negotiations?

The Establishment Of Community Designed Solutions

The final refined set of actionable recommendations are published with the full buy-in of all the key stakeholders.

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