Our mission is to create collaborations that build inclusive, cohesive, prosperous communities.

Communities thrive when citizens thrive.
Social cohesion, citizen engagement and economic empowerment are hallmarks of community well-being. When people build solutions together, they can transcend problems. Our co-design process facilitates stakeholder buy-in, so our clients can implement programs and policies with informed community support to in turn strengthen communities.

We see opportunity where others see lack.
We believe that prosperity is critical to achieving inclusion, cohesion, empowerment and equity—and that’s why we engage businesses, subject matter experts as well as community stakeholders to explore ways to expand market and trade opportunities. In fact, we launched UpSurgence Initiatives, the non-profit arm of our firm, specifically to work with public, private and charitable sector partners to create innovation centric programs designed to bring marginalized communities into Canada’s growing tech economy.

We connect the right people to collaborate on community problems.
We know how to connect critical stakeholders to work together. We identify missing voices and bring them to the table. Elected officials, business leaders, medical practitioners, community leaders, influencers, law enforcement, human rights organizations, advocacy groups, educators and researchers all have a stake in community well-being and the problems that prevent it. We make sure that the right stakeholders are in the room to close connectivity gaps.

We build pathways to actionable solutions.
By using co-design engagement strategies, we engage community stakeholders from the outset until a collective solution is achieved. We specialize in converting adversarial relationships into collaborative productive partnerships. We therefore empower stakeholders to participate in identifying problems, generating ideas and impactful initiatives to make significant and sustainable change. In short, we bring stakeholders together to co-design pathways for greater well-being for our communities.